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Neal Maloney manager of Morro Bay Oyster Company

Farmers Market Report March 28, 2009

Though it was a quick trip through the Templeton's Farmers Market, I saw more signs of Spring's offerings at many of the vendors' booths.

Today I went shopping for my produce and seafood alone since my husband was busy at our vineyard planting more Zinfandel. I had a busy schedule for Saturday morning so I was "all business" to accomplish my task in record time and I couldn't have asked for a better Spring day!

I first check-in with the Morro Bay Oyster Company booth with their fresh, organically farmed oysters. I wanted a little more information on how to cook oysters. I asked owner-manager Neal Maloney how one could go about sauteing the oysters with a little garlic, white wine and Mediterranean spices and serve them on linguine. He told me, in lieu of shucking them, you could throw them into boiling water, and when the shell opens, immediately take them out of the water, scoop out the oyster meat and then saute them. That sounds easy enough! I'll plan on buying some to prepare the next time he comes to the Templeton Farmers Market. (He alternates weekly markets with the Saturday San Luis Obispo Farmers Market.)

Continuing on, I quickly said hello to Debbie Payer of Charter Oak Style meats booth, where she was busy taking holiday orders for Easter lamb.

Down a little further, several booths had lots of citrus, primarily grapefruit and oranges. Then going past Mike Broadhurst's Dragon Spring Farm where we noted that he has some good-looking oranges and grapefruit varieties for sale in addition to his farm-grown and made preserves.

Continuing on, things were really hopping at the Peacock Family Farms booth, where they had several shoppers waiting to buy their hot-house tomatoes and basil.

Down just a ways from them, Bautista Farm booth had some good-looking beets, Swiss Chard, Kale, and lettuces.

Going further down, I noticed that there were a few more booths selling picture-perfect strawberries. With such a beautiful Spring day, I'm sure that more shoppers are starting to get "Spring Fever" and a taste for more of one of the Spring's favorite fruits:Strawberries. I almost bought a flat, but I know that my refrigerator is too full to put it there, so I'll wait a little longer, but I'm starting to hunger for them too!

Down I walked, stopping and saying hello to Cecil and Donna of NPO Organic Pistachios. Next to them, of course was our favorite "Date-Man":Gary Billington at his Sunrise Desert Tropical booth. Gary was in the midst of a transaction, so I didn't distract him, but did say "Hi."

Down at the south end of the market, I said hello to Nancy Harris of "Sniffer Snacks Homemade Dog Treats." She said that reception to her new business is good, especially when there are dog-training classes in the park.

It had been a quick trip, but what a wonderful morning it had been! There are more shoppers coming to the market now that more of Springs' best offerings are starting to show up.

I can't wait to see what new things the next few weeks will bring!

Hope to see you soon!

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