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Paso Almonds is now at Templeton Farmer's Market

Farmers Market Report April 25, 2009

A cool late-Spring morning brought new vendors to the market, and several new offerings.

We arrived at the Templeton Farmers Market at ten, and it was alive with activity. We first went to Olde Port Fisheries to buy some frozen cleaned calamari tubes and tentacles for our Sunday dinner. We're really looking forward to that. We purchased a two and a half pound package for $14.99 which we thought was decently-priced. That should make us two dinners "for two."

Last week when we were here, we noticed a new vendor-the Paso Almonds booth, which we stopped at next. This was their second week here and they sell at most Farmers Markets. They have their delicious "Paso Almonds" almond bark in one-pound packages for $10.00 and their five ounce packages for $3.50. We bought a package for our "sweet tooths" and are looking forward to being able to buy it locally. Since their kitchen is in San Luis Obispo, it's hard find to a place in North County that has it in stock.

Their salesman "Steve" told us they're gearing up to supply all the Farmers Markets with other items planned for their menu. They also sell a one pound soup stock base (called "Semi-soups") for $5.00. You can contact them at 805 549-9126 for their up-to-date offerings.

Just down the way from Paso Almonds, we stopped at Mike Broadhurst's Dragon Spring Farm booth who this week still had some of their delicious blueberries for $4.50 a half-pint, blood oranges, lemons and preserves all from his farm. We bought some more blood oranges (at $2.00 a pound) with their fresh sweet and slightly-tart flavor to use with anise in a salad this week.

As we walked on we noticed that there were several vendors with fresh strawberries. They all looked good! Strawberries are getting sweeter by the week. I'm hoping that by "Mothers Day weekend" they'll be nearing their prime in flavor.

At the Bautista Farm booth, we noticed some gorgeous red Swiss Chard, that we bought two bunches at $2.00 each a large bunch.

As we walked down toward Ralph Johnson's booth, we noticed that Gary Billington's booth and his dates and tropical flowers were absent. (He had told us that he'd be out of dates in April. --His season must be over.)

Stopping at Ralph Johnson's booth, we told him how much we liked his Dandelion greens pasta that we made. He told us if we like those, we should try his Smooth Leaf Dandelion greens that he had this week. We bought a bunch and are going to have the greens for dinner Saturday. He said the best way to cook them is to steam the stalks like asparagus; while their leaves, cook like any other greens.

With that we went on our way. This was a quick shopping trip, but we were able to find all-and more- that we needed in excellent condition! And we saved a little money too over "store-bought!"

See you next time!

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