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Festive Pasta Primavera

May's recipes are looking good!

We're coming into glorious May! One of the best months to live here on the California Central Coast. With lots of tempting delicious produce coming into season as well as several fun events slated for this time of year, this is definitely not a time of year when you could be bored!

The Romantic Table will do it's best to serve up some easy and delicious (though inexpensive) recipes to serve if you are hosting guests at this popular time of year. Between Wine Festivals, Mothers Day and Memorial Day all taking place, this month will go fast! So hang on "for the ride" and enjoy the fun activities and food from the best of the California Central Coast!

We were sitting around the other day, and realized that we didn't have many beef recipes on our website. Though we primarily eat the lower meat-based Mediterranean Diet of fresh vegetables, seafood and grains, occasionally eating beef is not something that we shun. When you're in the mood for a piece of beef, nothing quite else satisfies like the real thing. So our first offering this month is a really easy and delicious way to serve up an inexpensive cut of beef.

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Beef-Pizzaiola, an Italian Classic Beef Entree
Beef Pizzaiola, Central Coast Style is a classic beef recipe comes from Naples and though quick to throw together, it requires a couple hours in the oven to slowly cook. (I don't mind that! I just hate a long "prep time!") And is it ever good! It's one of our favorite ways to serve beef. You sear the meat, then throw it in a large roasting pan, add some sliced onions, garlic, tomatoes and oregano on top of the meat, and bake it for about two and a half hours. OH! It melts in your mouth. The ultimate "comfort food at its best. And it's SO pretty to look at! You can easily serve at least six using a two and a half pounds piece of beef. I calculated the last time I made it, the cost of the dish was about ten dollars!

Next up, to go with the Pizzaiola, we'll give our recipe for Smashed Potatoes. This combination is my husband's favorite. (As you must know, men LOVE meat and potatoes! So if you want to tantalize the man in your life, serve him this combo!) This is easy too!

Then for ultra tight budgets, we'll offer up organic dandelion greens and toasted walnuts with pasta. The cost of the ingredients can feed four for about five dollars! You may be skeptical about this recipe, but it's every bit as delicious as any of our other vegetarian offerings.

Our next offering is absolutely beautiful to look at as well as light and delicious for the calorie-conscious. It all started when we found some "drop-dead gorgeous" baby cauliflowers in a rainbow of colors. We just knew we had to something special with these unusual vegetables. We started brainstorming and came up with a delicious Primavera recipe to serve as a main or side dish.

©2009 The Romantic Table, Fennel and Blood Orange Salad 2009-05-01 12:19:18:143
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Fennel and Blood Orange Salad
In our local Farmers Market, we found some colorful gorgeous Blood Oranges that were just waiting to be used in an artistic display of eatables. We paired the blood orange slices with a little fresh anise and Tuscali Extra-virgin Olive Oil to become a refreshing salad or side dish.

And then of course if it's May, strawberries are starting to be "in their peak", so our personal favorite way to serve them is with a freshly baked shortcake base that we'll share our recipe with you. All you have to do to "doll up" the shortcake is top them off with fresh strawberries and a large dollop of Chantilly Cream. Then sit back and enjoy all the "oh's and ah-h's." This is such a simple way to serve strawberries. But OH is it delicious --especially if the strawberries are in season and are naturally sweet!

All in all, despite what else is going on in the world, these May offerings and Springtime weather should get your mind off things for a while and do it pretty economically too. Check in with us periodically and we'll try to keep you informed and entertained as best we can.

So go to it! It's all waiting for you!

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