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©2009 The Romantic Table, These chicken and vegetable kabobs are flavored with a delicious Mediterranean style marinade --almost a complete meal on a skewer! 2009-08-01 16:56:40:184
©2009 The Romantic Table

These chicken and vegetable kabobs are flavored with a delicious Mediterranean style marinade --almost a complete meal on a skewer!

Easy does it as we enjoy August's summertime recipes

It's said that the month of August are the "Dog-days of summer." I beg to differ with that thought!

When you see what we've got cooked-up for you in easy, not much fuss, quick and fun ways to enjoy the best of summer's harvest, you'll think differently too!

If it's August, that means that summer is at its zenith and the best of summer's vegetables and fruits are really coming into their own now. Finally some tasty ripe tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, grapes and herbs are coming in. In this month's recipes we'll showcase them in their purist, simplest forms by grilling them in some new ways.

Serving chicken and vegetable kabobs is nothing new, but when you see the easy way we make them, flavored with a delicious Mediterranean marinade, it's a complete meal on a skewer.

But, when you add our next recipe for Couscous with Giant Flame Raisins as a side to accompany the kabobs, it turns the meal into an spectacular event --and it's all so simple!

©2009 The Romantic Table, Little grilled eggplant pizzas with fresh herbs. 2009-08-01 17:04:57:185
©2009 The Romantic Table

Little grilled eggplant pizzas with made with fresh herbs.
This month we introduce another way to enjoy eggplant --little "Eggplant pizzettes with fresh herbs", cooked right on your grill! They are so delicious, you'll want to eat these little gems often. And it's so very simple and quick to throw together, it's almost embarrassing! But they sure reap the Ooh's and Ahhh's from everyone. They steal the show!

As I've told you in my Farmers Market Reports, we're able to buy "Barbecue" oysters at many of our local Markets. Barbecue oysters are the bigger meatier ones. We've got a new easy recipe for the grill enthusiast --Grilled Oysters Romantic Table Style. This recipe is very easy to make and cook. It's perfect for those lazy August backyard cook-outs when you would rather spend time outside with your guests instead of in the kitchen.

Finally we do have one entry that is not grilled but it IS simple, quick to throw together and takes two of summer's best vegetables-cherry tomatoes and zucchini - adds salt-cured black olives and pasta shells and takes it to a higher taste dimension. It's delicious and makes a nice presentation on the plate.

The number of summer's days may be dwindling down but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this month! With students getting ready to return to school, you'll be busy but with these fun recipes you won't be spending all that much time in the kitchen! Enjoy!

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