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Finally some good tasting tomatoes!

Farmers Market Report August 15, 2009

For a change of pace, we went to the Saturday Paso Robles Farmers Market. Though the market was smaller, we made some unexpected real finds to make it worthwhile!

This morning we decided to go to the Saturday Paso Robles Farmers Market. It had been a while since we last shopped at that Farmers Market. It's held in the City Park nine to twelve.

It was such a perfect morning temperature-wise! What a wonderful morning to explore our own downtown! Downtown Paso Robles was just starting to come alive when we arrived there about ten A.M. so there was plenty of parking.

Though this market is about half the size of the Templeton market, there were some notable things to make it worthwhile planning a trip.

There were at least two vendors selling great-tasting strawberries for $17.00 a flat! That's a real bargain! At another vendor we saw some peaches and nectarines that were selling for $2.00 a basket. We bought some and walked on.

Walking down the sidewalk, I spied some great-looking tomatoes. "Well, well well!", who did I find behind the table but Senor Joaquin! Mr. Joaquin sells the best-tasting Merced tomatoes ever! He grows them in Shandon but lives in downtown Paso Robles.This was the first time I've seen him since last year. I've been buying tomatoes from him for about four years. One thing I like about his tomatoes is that he doesn't pick the tomato prematurely. They're definitely vine-ripened so you had better eat them within a day or two for best flavor and texture. Finally some decent tomatoes and at only $1.50 per pound, they're a good buy --and much better than store bought! Mr. Joaquin sells at all three of the Paso Robles Farmers Markets- Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

We also saw eggplants, tomatillos, figs and lots of peppers and squash. There were also two places that sold baked goods. Two places had good-looking Gala apples straight off the tree (with leaves attached!)

There are also several vendors selling crafts. You can find homemade clothing, purses, hats, scarves, jewelery, knit goods and other unusual crafts.

Leaving with our "buys of the day" we were so glad we stopped here!

Before returning to our car, we decided to stop in at "Two Little Birds Bakery" on Park Street just across from the Park's fountain for a couple pieces of their delicious homemade scones to take home to have with coffee. Their scones, more like coffeecakes are absolutely delicious! Loren (the owner) was there and asked how our "wine affair" had gone. (She had provided the breakfast baked goods. See the Blog "Simpler is Better.") She makes all her baked goods using her family's home recipes. Today we bought two pieces of the Blueberry scone. They're sold in large pie-sized pieces for $2.50 a "slice." But in my opinion, a slice can easily serve two.

After buying the scones we continued on and headed for our parked car, my husband and I both very content and looking forward to eating today's buys. It had been a fun stop! You just never know who and what you might see and buy at our local farmers markets. So don't forget about the Saturday Paso Market. It's a nice one too!

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