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Buying Fresh Lemons and Avocados at Templeton's Farmers Market.

Templeton Farmers Market

Templeton Farmers Market is the one of the oldest and largest farmers market in San Luis Obispo County. It is a real food lovers treat with everything from meat and fish to vegetables and fruit available.

Where: The Templeton City Park.

When: Saturdays, from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Templeton Farmers Market Report August 9, 2008

It felt like an early Fall morning, but the best of summer produce is waiting to be savored. The prices and tastiness of the fruit is getting better, as their season continues.

Fabulous Stone Fruit Is Here --Fall Fruit is Beginning!

We arrived about 9:30 today and everything was in full swing. We headed straight away to the Cody Fruit booth to buy some more of the delicious peaches.They had a good selection but today we just bought the yellow peaches. The person ahead of me was the chef at "The Cliffs" in Pismo. He bought 15 pounds of peaches! --His patrons are going to be pleased with at least the peach ingredients of their entree!

Next to that booth, a new booth vendor showed up: George and Elizabeth Kendall's "Dos Pasos Ranch" from Cambria. They have gorgeous avocados, lemons and other Fall produce. We bought some Meyer lemons and Toscaleni lemons (an Italian variety.) I inquired about their schedule selling at Farmers Market. Typically they have produce starting in May through December. They started shipping their produce beginning in May to "large customers" this year but just now started coming to Farmers Markets as their inventories have built up. Mrs Kendall said typically they ship the avocados unripened.

There was another new vendor next to the avocado booth: Randy and Darla Kwiatkowski's "Rancho San Miguel Hills Family Farm". This was their first week. They have three different varieties of pears as well as Gala apples. They will also be selling Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and grape vines soon. They sell at the Morro Bay and Cambria Farmers Markets as well. They said they love meeting so may people from all over the world that stop by their booth at the different markets. Darla and Randy think that growing fruit and selling at Farmers Markets is hard work but a great endeavor that their whole family takes part in and enjoys.

We noticed that the Market Price of tomatoes has come down quite a bit since the summer began. It's now $2.00 a pound at most places, with one vendor at $1.50 and another at $3.00. At Peacock Family Farm you can find heirloom tomatoes at $3.00 a pound which is pretty reasonable for that variety.

This morning started out feeling like an early autumn one-cool and foggy, reminding me especially that Fall is just around the corner and we'd better take advantage of the late summer fruit that's available now. I'm not ready for Fall yet! But by the time we were finished shopping at the Market, the sun had started to warm things up and reassured us that a little more summer is still waiting to be enjoyed! --So get the best of summer's produce now!

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