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©2008 The Romantic Table, Welcome to the Romantic Table, a celebration of the romance of food and wine of the California Central Coast. 2008-08-09 16:20:59:34
©2008 The Romantic Table

Welcome to the Romantic Table, a celebration of the romance of food and wine of the California Central Coast.

Let’s Explore Some Wine Country Together

Home to over four hundred world class wineries and some of the best high quality produce growing areas in the world, California Central Coast covers a big area of remarkably different Terroirs, from cool Pacific Ocean influences to high mountains, to hot almost desert like inland areas. Let's discover together how this marriage of tastes makes the California Central Coast so unique and wonderful!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Romantic Table, your guide to food and wine exploration of the California Central Coast.

The California Central Coast - there's no place quite like it. This area is the real California - the California that all people, regardless of where they come from, picture in their minds and carry in their hearts.

The California Central Coast covers a big area with different terrain and weather influences. The French term Terroir, in wine parlance is used to denote the special characteristics that the immediate geography bestows upon grapes. It can be very loosely translated as "a sense of place" which is embodied in certain qualities, and the sum of the effects that the local environment has on the final expression of the characteristics of a particular wine varietal.

All in all, you’re looking at nearly one hundred thousand acres of vineyards in the California Central Coast of remarkably different terroirs, from cool Pacific Ocean influenced coastal vineyards to hot almost desert like inland vineyards.

Stretching from Monterey County on the northern tip, down to Santa Barbara County on the south, in between there are over four hundred different wineries.

Starting in Monterey County, there are over eighty different brands and wineries to choose from.

At the top of San Luis Obispo County, there is the mother lode of wineries, Paso Robles. In the Paso Robles area there are a staggering two hundred plus different wineries to explore and taste wine. Paso Robles is so wine centric now there are nineteen places offering wine tasting in downtown Paso Robles alone. You could park your car and do some serious wine tasting on foot, all within walking distance of some great trattoria style restaurants - and a comfortable hotel bed at the end of the day!

The rest of San Luis Obispo County, south of Cuesta Grade to the Santa Barbara county line has an additional twenty-some wineries.

Then finally, down in Santa Barbara County there are over one hundred fifteen wineries to travel to savor and experience.

An interesting way to sample all these vintages would be to set your base camp in Paso Robles and then work out from your base camp. Within two hours drive, you would have an almost unlimited number of diverse places to see, investigate and enjoy! That’s how we’ll journey through this area starting with the Paso Robles area working outward.

But wine is only half the story about the California Central Coast. The story of the Central Coast would be incomplete without exploring some of the local farms and farmer's markets. We think food first - and the California Central Coast is home to some of the best high quality produce growing areas in the world. The Salinas River valley is the worlds' salad bowl. Yes, even for California, the Central Coast is unique and different. Why, even our Salinas River flows from South to North contrary to convention!

As we grow, we will explore the romance of wine and food with you. We will explore the farms and have profiles of different wineries and what their wine-makers’ personal food choices are for their wines. We think you’ll be surprised by some of their choices.

If you can not physically be here, we hope that these pages will at least let you vicariously experience the California Central Coast life-style through our food and wine offerings. If you are fortunate to live here or have a chance to visit, we hope to open some doors to introduce you to your fellow Californians who make the magic happen and point you in the right direction so you can do some exploration on your own. No need to be intimated, the people of the Central Coast are some of the most friendly and sincere people you will ever meet.

Food and wine - Wine and food. Anyway you like it, what an enjoyable way to explore and spend some quality time together. Join us as we discover together how this marriage of tastes makes the California Central Coast so unique and wonderful!

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