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First new crop of apples comes to the market!

Templeton's Farmers Market Saturday August 16, 2008

Get them now! Tomatoes, Peaches, Fresh Figs, Apples and Berries

We arrived at Farmers Market just a little past nine. There was plenty of parking.

Tonight we have plans to make a Mediterranean -style chicken and need to get all the fresh ingredients--so we are on a mission.

First off we headed over to Oak Hill Mushrooms for some wild mushrooms. We chose an attractive bunch.

Next we went to Cody Farms from Hanford for more delicious peaches. While there, I noticed some gorgeous fresh Mission Figs! --My Favorite! I tasted a sample. Absolutely delicious! So I bought two baskets. We've got some outstanding Prosciutto at home, and together with the figs it will make a delicious appetizer for this weekend.

Next on the agenda is getting some more of the gala apples from Rancho San Miguel Hills Family Farm.

Stopping by the Dos Paso Ranch from Cambria, I inquired if they would ship nationwide for the individual consumer. I was delighted to learn for nine dollars, they would ship avocados anywhere in the Country! --They use the US Mail 3-day delivery flat rate box. That's really exciting because I have a few relatives back in the Midwest that would be thrilled to receive some fresh organically-grown California Avocados!

Next up was checking all the booths for tomatoes. We found some ripe vine-ripened ones at Peacock Family Farms for $2.50 a pound. We bought a few and continued on.

Down the way on the south side of the Park was Haussler Organic Orchards that had not only fresh figs, but also several varieties of vine-ripened Heirloom tomatoes. We bought several varieties for our Caprese Salad that we plan to make tonight.

Just down from them was a booth new to us: 7th Heaven Farms, a certified organic grower based in Cayucos, California. Its owners are Jennifer, Wendy and Chet Lenet. They had four different varieties of raspberries and Blackberries! I tried their samples; they were very sweet. Any of their varieties would make divine raspberry coulis! On Saturdays, they do both the San Luis Obispo and Templeton Farmers Markets. On Monday, they do the Baywood Park Farmers Market and on Thursday, the Morro Bay Farmers Market

Next up was Le Fort's Organic Crops where we purchased some intensely fragrant Italian Basil for tonight's salad.

Loaded down with produce, I glanced at my list and concluded that I had enough produce for not only this weekend but also for most of the week. What a nice morning it had been!

Our Saturday morning Farmers Market routine, though we can't sleep in, is actually a very healthy and fun ritual that I really enjoy! It's fun to see what's new in the Market and to talk with all the different vendors. They really work hard to showcase the fruits of their labor! --And such a healthy-way to eat! You must try such a routine for yourself!

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