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The Destruction and Surprises Continue

All Hell broke loose today in our house because of a goof-up by everyone! Last night as my husband was getting ready to wire in the new electric outlets for the lights etc., he discovered a mistake in measurements not only by him, but also all the other "partners in this little redo." What a crimp this puts in our carefully planned schedule!

D Day Plus 2

Yesterday I was so happy and content that everything was going so smoothly and had such a good group of people riding "herd" on our kitchen. But then last evening about 6:15 My husband came rushing into our office and cried," We have BIG problems! Our measurements are off! The cabinets are too big for the kitchen! This is really bad!"

I was heart- sick! How did this happen! We were so careful! Maybe I should have checked the measurements instead of trusting the "Pros!" None of them had bothered to look up and see that the soffit area was too small for the cabinets! And I had only just recently learned WHAT a soffit is! And I'm no expert in that department!

"Isn't there a way we can recoup?" I asked.

"Let's think about this. Why don't we have some dinner while we sort this out?" my husband said.

Who felt like dinner with this knot in my stomach! But I tried to assemble the ingredients for grilling some sausage, zucchini, peppers and onions.

We needed some wine and our favorite "thinking chairs" to get in the mood, but first we had to FIND the chairs that had been pushed away from their normal locations and covered-up with plastic and now covered with saw dust. So pushing them into place and just sitting there eased my "knot" a little. We started throwing around ideas (besides moving!) and we came up with some ideas. That got me feeling better enough to finish the dinner prep.

I didn't think I'd want much to eat. but the food did taste good--especially the Pugliese bread that we grilled. (Grilling a whole loaf of bread on a barbecue gives the loaf a very nice "pizza oven" taste, texture and crunchiness.)

We called the installer-contractor and alerted him to the error. He was as shocked as we were! He said he'd be out the following morning to discuss my husband's recoup ideas.

That night I got to bed later than usual but at least I got a few hours sleep, though I woke up with a "heartache" and a headache about this fiasco around three a.m.

D Day Plus 3

This morning, we were up at six because we had a full schedule of contractors coming. The Heating people were coming to change our vent for the cook-top exhaust and other vents. The Plumber was coming to change the gas line location for the cook-top and we had a full compliment of contractors coming to see "the mistake!" -Just like a three-ring circus I thought-especially when I was trying to clean-up after my morning exercise.-- Three-ring circus from HELL!!!

Yesterday we had our plumber install a propane tank -less water-heating system because our old hot water heater had sprung a leak. He said we'd love it. (I had hoped so because both my husband and I shower up about the same time in the morning and my hubby always "steals" all the hot water!)

After one day use of the tank-less, I'm far from convinced that's it's better. In fact, I have less hot water with this system than the old one! So now we're researching hot water boosters for my bathroom. - It never ends does it!!! In the meantime, while the plumber was here today I had him boost the tank-less system temperature up to almost max. I hope that will help.

The heating people have been here all day, installing different vents. And they're still here and it's late afternoon.-Hope they're not planning on staying for dinner!

Tomorrow it's electrical, where my engineering husband resumes serious electrical outlet placements now that he's not going to be the "circus ring-master." And hopefully we'll have a little calm here once again when and where I can put some order to this horribly messy upturned house. Though right now, it's a dusty obstacle
course that even my German Shepherd and cat are afraid to inhabit!

Stay tuned!

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