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D Day Plus 4, 5 and 6

Waking up this morning, after living through yesterday's "three-ring circus from Hell" I realized it had really affected me--or should I say the fumes had gotten to me. Another day of feeling like "death" with bad headaches, no energy, nausea and no appetite. But my husband, a real Energizer Bunny, was unfazed by the fumes from the insulation, dust hailing down from the attic and other unfamiliar materials that covered most of the square footage of the public areas of the house. No rational human being should consciously even TRY to live like this! But this was our folly! And BOY are we paying for it!

D Day plus 4

I had planned on putting some order to this upside down house today, but my husband told be to wait until he did some more ripping out of the wood shelf that had held the old water heater in our "janitorial closet." He told me it was going to make a mess so hold off on trying to clean up now. I didn't mind, though I hated seeing the house so "topsy- turvy, since I wasn't feeling up to par, I just hid out in the office and did another disgusting chore - paying bills. The day past quickly enough-time flies when you're having "fun!"

That night for dinner we tried out one of my frozen quick to cook "'finds" "Birds Eye Voila Garlic Shrimp." It was almost "very good!" Certainly better than junk food! Though they claimed it would feed 3.5 people. (Maybe 3.5 child- midgets!) I modified it a little bit by using a little dry white wine and a couple tablespoons of butter to make it really tasty. And with a nice salad and a glass of wine, it was darn right decent.

I was still feeling"off," so after cleaning up the dishes while my hubby resumed his electrical stringing, I decided since I felt so lousy, I had better get ready for bed early and go to bed earlier than my usual 9:30. The next morning we had an early morning appointment with the Kitchen-designer of our cabinets to discuss what went wrong by all three principals who had verified the measurements prior to placing the order. How could everybody not notice a six-inch difference!

D Day plus 5

I woke up feeling a lot better than I had the day before and was jubilant about that at least --though I was a bit apprehensive about our appointment at the "big box store" where we had ordered our cabinets. Apparently, staying out of the fumes and getting adequate sleep had helped. I had a full day planned for myself and the house when we got back from our appointment. Even if my husband WAS going to make a bigger mess, this residue of construction materials all over our floors and furniture was just too psychologically painful! I could moderate the horrible quagmire by at least rearranging a few things and definitely giving a good vacuuming to our floors.

The heating-air conditioner people who had been here all day putting in new ducts (until after 7 p.m. ) two days before had really caused a mess down on the main floor while they were up in the attic. Dust and ceiling bits lay strewn all across the furniture, carpets and imported rugs, which broke my heart. (When we had called them out, we were not expecting them to do the whole house, but they offered us a good bid and wanted to start right away that day!) Another consequence of remodeling gone amok!

Earlier this morning my husband had draped heavy plastic across the entrance to the kitchen to keep the fumes contained within. This definitely helped keep the dust and strange smells limited to ground zero of the construction. In the other rooms, I got started wiping up the loose plaster dust and trying to organize the cleaning equipment and cleaners (that had been pulled out of the "janitor's closet" for the heating people to get up into the attic) strewn all over the floor of the T.V. room.

By the time i started vacuuming the carpets I was really engaged in my task and though amidst a lot of unusual debris, saw some progress and was feeling happy and a bit successful at my task. As a friend of mine says, "I was really jamming!" -Whatever that means!

Just before I went to bed that night, my husband finished putting up the spots around the soffit of our kitchen. It looked "better than Christmas!" I couldn't believe it how much artistically placed light even made the bare rafters and stripped back walls look beautiful! Oh how neat! I can't wait to see the finish product! At last some REAL progress! For the first time in days I went to bed with a lighter heart than I had had in the morning.

D Day plus 6

Today I woke up early, excited by the progress we had made the day before. Taking it a bit easier yesterday and staying away from the fumes had definitely helped.

My husband had a lot of last minute wiring to do before the end of the day. He HAS to be finished with all the walls' re-wiring before the sheet-rocker comes tomorrow morning. Working through the day, like the Energizer Bunny he is, he should be on schedule by nightfall.

My plan today, is minimize the fumes that I inhale, straighten up the Mudroom and dining room (our temporary kitchen and dining room) and getting caught up with my correspondence. This must be how people that are on "house-arrest" must feel and act! --Just call me "Martha Stewart!" (NOT!)

More to follow tomorrow. Check back!

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