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D Day Plus 7 and 8

By bedtime, "D Day plus 6", my husband had run into a few wiring snafus- left from the original builders of our house, so he decided to start from scratch. Just knowing that he was going to pull an "all-nighter" (if that's what it took), left me feeling guilty about going to bed and I pretty much worried the night through. But little did we know what D Day Plus 7 held for us!

The following Monday after the start-date, we got up early. My husband who had worked wiring until 1:30 a.m. the night before, was up by six finishing up the last of the wiring before the drywall crew came. He pulled it off! And was done with all the "rough-stuff" that had to be in. (But I still felt guilty about being able to take it easy while I watched my husband toil so!)

The two-man dry wall team came on time and they were really fast at their trade-almost too fast --accidentally covering over the openings in the ceiling for all our glorious accent lights. (Which they had to redo to fix their mistake.)

It was a very cool summer day for Paso Robles-not the best conditions for drying drywall, and the plan was to keep the windows open and all the fans running all night with hopes that the walls and ceiling would dry overnight. The drywall guys left, but they left us a really big "souvenir!"

Looking up at the ceiling and walls, I saw progress. But looking down at my former brick-colored handmade Mexican pavers made me cringe! They looked like they had been white-washed with paint! "Oh my God!", I screamed to my husband, "are we going to be able to get these clean?" My husband reassured me and said one way or the other between scrubbing them and steaming them, they SHOULD clean up. But I was leery!

That night, with all the windows open and fans blowing, the house got really chilly! We just kept saying to ourselves, "this is great sleeping weather!" (One of the best joys in life -for us at least- is a good night's sleep.)

D Day plus 8

It HAD been good sleeping weather and we both slept soundly through the night and awakened abruptly by the alarm. Up an "at em" we were, and checking the drywall, we were dismayed to feel it and it was still moist. We could only hope that it would have a delayed enough "dry" by the time the pro came to check.

But he came early and we commiserated with him, and before going, he mentioned something that gave me joy. He told us, he didn't realize just HOW big a mess he made of the floors and that when he finishes up, he's got some great cleaners and will take care of it. WOW!!! That was music to our ears! There IS still honor among tradesmen! That made our day!

The rest of the day, my husband made good on pulling out the old wood base for the old water heater, and I was able to put all our cleaning supplies and vacuums back in their proper place. We had a lot more space in the closet now that he had pulled out the central vac (Which never worked!-Don't ever waste your money on them!) and the old water heater tank wasn't taking up all the room. This was another old procrastination that we've been meaning to do for a couple years!

With that behind us, I decided to go grocery shopping and while out picked up a cooked rotisserie chicken and some fresh veggies that we'd grill to go along with the loaf of Pugliese that I bought. That and a nice Spring Mix salad with Balsamic vinegar will be delicious, even if we were going to be eating in the office on our conference table! (But it's set with a nice tablecloth!)

By late afternoon it the house had warmed up to the seventies and the drywall was definitely showing signs of drying. Our Drywall guy will be back tomorrow to finish up (I hope!) Hope that we can put the"walls to bed" so that we can paint by the end of the week!

Check back!

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