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D Day Plus 9 and 10 - The Mess Multiplies

In its second week of destruction, the bare kitchen remodel was starting to show signs of renewal or "messy improvements." The drywall duo were finally able to texturize the walls and finish with a nice spraying of the ceiling. The drywall guys kept their promise of trying to clean up their mess on the saltillo tiles, but from their efforts, I gathered that their idea of "clean" and ours are totally different. I could see that I had a lot of clean-up ahead!

D Day plus 9

Yesterday, we felt that we had the 'world by its tail" in our kitchen remodel. What had been "music to our ears," of a cleaned-up kitchen floor mess, realistically now was another big chore added to the list for us personally. The walls and the raised ceiling DID look great though! We loved the look of the raised ceiling surrounded by its elegant soffit.

Our next task was getting our old kitchen window ready to be pulled and replaced by a nice better quality version by another manufacturer. We had offered this project to our contractor a few weeks ago, but because he must have had a lot of other irons in the fire, and kept "forgetting" to take care of this, we added this task too to our list. But my husband thought it was funny how everyone seemed to shirk at doing this pretty straight-forward exercise. He reassured me he could take care of it "no problem!"

He pulled the facia boards to verify that extra framing wasn't necessary. The old trim sounded frightful as they were being pulled off! But everything looked good. He just needed the exact measurements of the new window to prep it for the new window's next day delivery and replacement. Getting those exact measurements from the manufacture's website was a major effort. It was as if the specifications were "top secret!" Finally in disgust, my husband called the local window company who had the window. Kevin, their delivery man gave my husband the ballpark figures and we decided that was good enough! The rest of the day we both got caught up with our paper work and bill paying.

D Day Plus 10

We got up early because we knew the new window was being dropped off early. Right after our morning coffee, my husband pulled the old window safely and prepped the window frame to make it easy to install. The original window frame had been sloppily built. Larry, true to his engineer's make-up, finished off the frame as it SHOULD have been done originally.

Kevin, the deliveryman dropped off the window. (His company was the only window company in North County San Luis Obispo that was willing to deliver windows!) What's with these companies! Don't they like the money?

The rest of the day we got set for priming a first layer of primer on the inside walls of the kitchen. My husband was going to spray it on. While he was prepping the materials and getting the sprayer ready for action, I busied myself on polishing up for reuse the two brass five inch diameter towel rings that we had had on our old kitchen sink cabinet. (We had wanted new ones, since the old ones showed signs of wear, but try as I did on the Internet and every hardware store between San Jose and Santa Barbara, I could not find a model less than six inches diameter!) Next week the cabinets are going to be installed and the installers need all the hardware that we want on them ready for attaching. I had, weeks earlier, bought fifty-seven brass universal pulls for the cupboards and drawers. Since then all my free time was searching for the illusive five-inch diameter (dish) towel rings.

Tonight we have a real treat in store for us- we're going to have real home-cooked food! Our dear friends, Nick and Jan Canigiula owners of Tuscali Olive oil company www.tuscalioliveoil.com, knowing we're kitchen-less, have invited us over for dinner-and they're good cooks so it will be a very nice change from "cooking" in the Mudroom! We're hoping though that we can get at least one pass of paint on the kitchen walls before leaving for our friends' house.

Tomorrow it will be a full-day of painting for my husband and I. He'll do the "big picture" stuff up high, while I do the trim. And when he's done with painting the inside the kitchen, I'm going to tackle the "messed-up saltillos." We have three more days before cabinet installation begins!

Check back to see what lies ahead for us!

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