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The Kitchen Remodel Saga Continues

Working all weekend, my husband doing the painting while I steamed off the white mess on the saltillo tiles, worked until almost bedtime on the eve before the "glorious cabinet installation" began.

Sunday night we went to bed with the aches and pains of menial labor, but we both rejoiced that maybe -- just maybe, we were starting to turn the corner and starting to see the beginning of the end of the worst of our "kitchen exile."

Installation Week Day 1

Alan, one of the cabinet installers and a former carpenter that we had used years ago on another house project, showed up at eight a.m. sharp to start the cabinet installing project. A quiet man, he's always in a good mood and usually thinks things out first before putting his thoughts into action. This is good!

Noon came and Alan was just now beginning to put into place the first of the many cabinets waiting to be installed. But he wasn't being a laggard, but rather he was trying to negotiate the many different directions our walls leaned and was trying to make everything square. This takes patience! Thankfully Alan had that quality.

He put up the first cabinet, under the "glorious accent spotlights" and the color of the wood looked fabulous! Exactly the color we wanted.! In fact, it wasn't until the cabinet got into its assigned location that we could really see its true color. Thus far we had only seen a "sample cabinet door" in the glare of the "big box store's" lighting, or peeked in at the color of the cabinet in its boxed-state in the garage. Hallelujah! We had picked the right color!

From thereon, the pressure in my head eased a lot! From here, it's "all downhill,!" I thought. "Sure-Sure," I said to myself-"knock on wood!"-Just to be safe!

By the time Alan left that Monday, at 4:30 p.m., he had only installed three cabinets, but he had "assigned" all the cabinets to his marked templates on the wall. Before leaving, Alan said "tomorrow I'll have a straight shot at this next side!" It could only get better I thought!

We had planned on "celebrating" by going out to dinner someplace funky that night, but it had been a hard day, and we decided to just to eat in the office. Courtesy of our garden, we dined on a Caprese salad of garden-ripe tomatoes (the first this season)and fresh Mozzerella that we had on hand dribbled with some extra virgin olive oil, heated up a couple frozen stuffed bell peppers, and had the left-over pork loin chops from the last night's dinner. Not bad for being in kitchen exile!

Installation Week Day 2

Tuesday began with Alan showing up at his usual hour and I waited to see the "quick changes" to begin in the kitchen. But it was S-L-O-W going. Everything had to be negotiated into place using jigs, shims and other weird carpentry terms. Slowly the "bare-walled kitchen" began to shrink. (I realized just now, how much room cabinets take!- Though these cabinets take up no more room than the old cabinets.)

As I periodically poked my head in the kitchen to take a look at the progress, it looked like a life-sized dollhouse kitchen was being put into place. An odd thought occurred to me, "I wonder if Martha Stewart ever went through this?"

By the time Alan left, he was only one-third of the way around the kitchen. My "Martha Stewart moment" was put on hold for another day.

Though it had been another hard day for both of us, getting caught up with our pro bono duties, we decided to go out to an Italian restaurant we hadn't tried yet. It was "ok", but both of us agreed, it wasn't "opinionated enough" for us! Well tomorrow's another day.

Installation Week Day 3

Wednesday began as usual, but by the time I had had breakfast and showered-up from my exercise, Alan had really made some strides. Wow! The kitchen was taking shape. The kitchen was REALLY starting to look picture-perfect. (At least as picture-perfect as a kitchen without its appliances and sink, and lots of tools and saw dust laying around can look!) The kitchen's raised-ceiling really gave it an added dimension that -at least for me- gave me a WOW factor!

The day continued on like that. Alan had just a few more cabinets to finish up!

Can't wait for tomorrow! The last of the cabinets should go in!

Stay tuned!

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