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Living Through a Kitchen Remodel Installation Week

When last I wrote, my spirits were soaring and my heart was light! My perfect kitchen cabinets were taking shape as they found their proper kitchen assignment. But just a few minutes after ending my last blog, I discovered that my "picture-perfect" kitchen had a lot of mistakes of omission, and my heart sank enough to give me a remodel "melt-down!"

Installation Week Day 3

Things had been going so well, that my husband said, "before dinner lets get the rest of the lights up." "What can I do to help?"I asked. He told me to stand by the ladder and hold his drill -and get ready to hand it to him. There we were dead center in the kitchen core, so while I was waiting for his next instruction, I decided to look into my main cabinet that would house my cooktop and most used stainless steel Reverware. I peeked in and saw nothing. ...Nothing! I had ordered pull-out shelves for this cabinet! I went ballistic! "Oh No! Not another major mistake!" Damn it! I KNOW we ordered that! I was very specific about that!", I told my husband. "Calm down, calm down" he said let's check outside. Maybe Alan left the shelving in the garage."

After checking the garage, nothing was there that could go inside our cabinet. So naturally when I'm upset I do my s.o.p. of getting on the phone. I called the big box store's installation department. (Shortly after placing our order, the "Installations Sales" departments had called and introduced themselves to me. They told me if I had any concerns or problems, to be sure and give them a call. So I did!) Of course no one was there to take the call, but I did leave a message. So there I was with another screw-up and no one to vent on besides my husband who was already doing his own venting about the "crappy workmanship" of the "designer florescent lights" that he had purchased at the same big box store and was struggling with as they flopped around in space then would fall to the floor.

So, in Wine Country, when things seem too hard to handle --and especially if it's around dinnertime, I decided to have a sip of some nice Sangiovese (my favorite) wine. Then I decided to email my good friend who's a real veteran of living through kitchen remodels and vent to her. If anyone could commiserate with this problem, she could! I did. And it helped.

By the time I had sent off my little missal, my husband had come over to our home- office and told me we both need to eat some dinner. It was getting late. I don't even remember what I "cooked" for dinner that night, but somehow eating and talking about it, did seem to help-a bit. But I did realize, probably there were going to be a lot more flaws and omission screw-ups that were going to show themselves as the rest of the cabinets came into our house and we were one-on-one face-to-face to their reality. So far though, nothing was a "show-stopper." As my designer husband kept telling me, "we can make it "right" by doing this and doing that. In a couple months when everything comes in it'll be fine!"

The rest of the evening, until 11:30 p.m., we spent struggling with these lousy lights. They are really nice-looking lights-they match our cabinets perfectly, but oh! are they hard to deal with. (We're going to dread having to change the bulbs when the bulbs burn out!) But once they're up and glowing, they have their own "wow factor!"

Installation Week Day 4

The fourth day was spent doing errands by day and watching Alan bring in more cabinets. Every hour the look of the kitchen got better, however, with the growing number of cabinets, the "omissions" became numerous. How did this happen we asked each other. Then we thought back.

When we were making the final corrections and giving our revised order, there had been a lot of distractions in the Kitchen Cabinet section of the store. Just too many interruptions for the order-taker. That's when the errors happened. The personnel are just stretched too thin there!

Keeping that in mind, when we reorder the "omissions" to make it right, we'll have to do it in such a way that is "disruption-foolproof." Make our own checklist and sit there while each item is correctly entered into the computer program by the cabinet salesperson. As my computer-savvy husband says, "computers don't make screw-ups, human error does!"

Installation Week Day 5

The fifth day of cabinet installation week was spent getting all but one cabinet installed and most of the crown molding, kick-plates and most of their hardware on.

The rest would have to wait until the following Monday when Alan would finish the installation---until the "omissions" would come in. -And that could take from weeks to months!

In the meantime, tomorrow (Saturday) the Quartz Counter people were coming to template the counters. I couldn't wait for that! After they get out of here, we're going to make some temporary counters so that we at least can put the stove-top and sink temporarily back in the ktichen while we wait for the "real" counters . The quartz counters could take up to a month of waiting, and we're getting tired of making our dinners in our mudroom! Being married to an engineer has its advantages!

I wonder what "experience" the "counter-people" are going to give us?

Check back!

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