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Living Through a Kitchen Remodel Installation Week-End

The installation of the cabinets had so far gone pretty well except for some missing components. After five days of cabinet installation, there was still one more free-standing cabinet to be put in place. -But that would have to wait until the following Monday. (See previous Blog.)

On Saturday morning, before the "counter-guy" was to come, my husband said he was going outside to take off the fittings to our stainless steel sink to make it easier for the counter-guy to measure and perhaps put in place. When my husband turned the sink upside-down to look at the fittings, he was flabbergasted that all the fittings were disintegrating! Oh no! We'll have to buy a new one. (Twenty years ago, we had paid over a thousand dollars for this commercial sink, what would it cost now?) He came running to me, and told me the horrible truth. Then he went on the Internet to see if that model was still made. It was, but its price had more than doubled in the twenty years.

I quickly did my s.o.p and got on the phone and called the big box store's plumbing department.Yes, they carried it, but it was a special order. So we decided as soon as the "quartz-guy" left, we would take a run into the store and special order it. Another unforeseen expense!

Tthe Quartz counter person from Fresno came to measure our base counters for their custom quartz tops. He came pretty much on time, and though he seemed a bit confused at first, got quickly to work and thankfully, seemed to know his trade well. I don't know if he was trying to avoid speaking to us, but he was oh so serious about his measurements! Which I think is good.--But only time will tell.

While he was busy measuring our base cabinets and back-splash for their dimensions, we carefully read the contract he brought with him for us to sign. In it the company states that it is "not responsible for damaging our new drywall, new cabinets and walls during the installation process." Oh that's "reassuring!" I thought. As we signed the contract, I was mentally shaking my head in disbelief at all the increasing list of repairs that we'll probably have to do when these "bozos" get out of here. God! Why did we ever start this process! It just never seems to end!

After the Quartz counter guy left we made haste to the big box store, and were pleasantly informed by their personnel that they had a "special" going on. If we'd open a charge account, we'd get an additional 10% off everything we buy that day. (On a two-thousand dollar plus sink, that's a major "silver-lining" to "today's escapade.") But signing up --and actually getting that discount was a REAL adventure (at least for me personally)!

We had gotten a paper sheet from the plumbing department that had the price of the sink etc. for the cashier to scan in. We had also picked up some cabinet drawer organizers and roll-out shelves for my cabinets, as well as some tile grout etc. We got all checked-out and I was just waiting for the receipt while my husband and the purchases left the store. When I was given the receipt, since I had been watching and I didn't see any discount flash on the register screen, I asked,"I DID get the discount didn't I?" The clerk looked at it and said, "Why NO you didn't! You should have!" So she started to get panicked. She saw one of her supervisors and called to her and asked her to take a look at it. The supervisor wasn't even aware of a a discount deal that day! So the clerk showed her the sign that stated it. In the meantime, I'm thinking, "Oh no! here we go again!"---My husband in the meantime had disappeared outside and there was no way to call him back.

After looking at the sign that stated the discount deal, the supervisor said I should go back to Customer Service and have them "rebuild the cash register receipt" Whatever that means!!! So I then had to walk to the other end of the store. In the meantime, my husband was most probably waiting for me in the hot car and wondering what happened to me.

There I was back in Customer Service staring at two clerks that had never even "heard" of a cash register "rebuild." Both of them were totally clueless and only concerned about getting off work in a few minutes. There I waited, while they --even called the "main store manager." No sign of him either! (He too must have gone awol!) No one knew how to reconstruct my register receipt. And though I was so tired of standing--and also very thirsty- for a two-hundred dollar plus discount, I just couldn't ignore this and let this one go!

It continued on like this for at least another thirty minutes. The clerks that had been "helping me" had left for the day, and then I had to start all over again with some new clerks. They too were clueless. After about thirty minutes longer, my husband (he has a long fuse) finally came back into the store to find me at Customer Service.

By this time, the supervisor (who an hour or so earlier hadn't "known" about "any discount offer") came back to the Customer Service area. Finally after a few minutes of goading her clerks (in vain) to do the cash register receipt "rebuild," she FINALLY explained "HOW" to do it. Thank God!!!! (I can't believe all this time she KNEW how to do it and made one of the store's customer suffer so long! Why didn't she tell them an hour ago!!!! ) I'm staying away from that place for a L-O-N-G time!!!

After my husband and I got in the car, and I gave him a blow by blow account of my escapade, he smiled at me and told me how proud he was of me.-Then said he never wouldn't even have thought to check the receipt for the discount. -And wondered how many other people didn't get the discount that they thought they were given --until they're home and looked at the receipt. I can only "picture" future "cash register rebuilds awaiting them." Of course, now a few clerks there now know what a "cash register rebuild " is!

Sunday was spent by me "blissfully" grocery shopping and steaming our kitchen saltillo tiles of the scuffs and marks that had occurred during the installation and prepping the areas where the new refrigerator and ovens will be going.

My husband, in the meantime, was putting back into place the facia boards around the new kitchen window and wiring into place the new electric sockets for the appliances.

We ended the day with a more "home-cooked" meal than of one made in our mudroom. A luscious dinner of fresh grilled salmon, peppers, zucchini, roasted Pugliese bread with extra virgin olive oil, potato salad and of course our Sangiovese wine. Sometimes in the midst of chaos, dinner is one time when things and people finally DO come together and it's something to celebrate. Most of the time, we try to make it so!

Tomorrow's another day. Alan will be coming to finish the last of the cabinets and their hardware. What else lies in "store?"

Check back!

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