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The Kitchen Remodel Begins its Fourth Week Since D-Day (Demolition Day)

Starting our fourth week of Kitchen Exile, we were anxious to get the last of the cabinets installed, but had a big surprise!

On Monday of the fourth week since "D-Day", Alan, the cabinet installer showed-up at his usual time to put in the last remaining cabinet (a free-standing china cupboard) that was supposed to match the other cabinets and to attach ALL the cabinets' hardware.

We ran to town on an errand, and when we returned, we were in for a surprise. Our "matching" cupboard turned out to be an "ugly duckling" -far removed from the cabinet we thought we had ordered from the big box store.

The cupboard came in two pieces- as we had expected. But its one side came totally unfinished and its base top (which would hold the upper part of the cabinet i.e.hutch) was made for some gigantic base twice the size of its base! It was UGLY with a capital "U!" Alan stood there in disbelief! He didn't know what to do. We didn't either! What an ugly ensemble! So crude! Was there any way to cut down the ugly-ducking part? That section of that cabinet piece won't even fit inside where it has to go! I don't think so!

I called the big box store and spoke to the person that took our order. This screw-up was beyond comprehension! What was the furniture factory thinking?

The "order-taker", now aware of all the previous "mistakes" was covering herself and said "all those cabinets are made with that size.-It's their usual size!" ---Only in her dreams I thought! But I didn't press too hard. That can diplomatically be handled in a few days when we have a face-to- face meeting (hopefully with not too many disruptions) at the big box store.

In general, MOST of the cabinets are great! Their quality is first-rate! Alan did a superb job of installing the cabinets and dealing with our kitchen's non-straight walls. It's just that there were a lot of "minor screw-ups" that needed to be fixed. But this last "screw-up" is occupying a large section of the kitchen and until resolved is totally unusable in the meantime. It's SO UGLY!

Time will tell! Check back for the next installment!

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