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Tomato and Rice Soup is quick to throw together and it easily becomes a "life-saver supper" when served with the classic accompaniment --grilled cheese sandwiches.

December's elegant and festive recipes.

Christmas and New Years is around the corner and this month we've created some recipes that not only help you celebrate, but also save the day by their ease of preparation.

December's recipes are favorites of ours, and I know once you'll try them, they'll be yours to.

Starting the month off, we've got a real showstopper for you with our Spaghetti with Spicy Lobster Sauce. It's a spicy lobster tail sauce that's VERY elegant and very festive and would be appropriate to serve for a Christmas Eve (when you might be abstaining from meat prior to the Christmas Eve Mass). You can spice it up or tone it down depending on your guest's preferences. This recipe would also be very festive and suitable for serving on a New Years Eve dinner party.

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Spaghetti with Spicy Lobster Sauce --It's a spicy lobster tail sauce that's VERY elegant and very festive and would be appropriate to serve for a Christmas Eve;
The sauce is an easy straight-forward recipe based on my Basic Tomato Sauce recipe that I add to. Then you add a little extra wine and crushed red pepper flakes and let it cook a while, adding the lobster tails toward the end. It delicious and our favorite way to eat lobster!

Another recipe that's featured this month would be a nice accompaniment to the above meal: The Ultimate Garlic Bread. We prepare our garlic bread in a slightly different manner that insures a "wow-factor!"

You start off with a loaf of French bread, then slice it in half lengthwise. Then you make slits almost all the way down the spine BUT do not cut through the crust. In the meantime, you take some room-temperature butter and mash it into a paste. Then you add several pressed cloves of garlic and mix it thoroughly into the mashed butter. Then you spread it between each of the bread's slits as well as on top of each lengthwise half of bread. Then bake or grill until perfection.

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Garlic Bread, start off with a loaf of French bread, slice it in half lengthwise and make slits almost all the way down the spine.
The next recipe is for a quick homemade Tomato-Rice Soup that you'll love and I bet you'll never buy store-bought again! It's quick to throw together and it easily becomes a "life-saver supper" when served with the classic accompaniment grilled cheese sandwiches (or even better, grilled cheese paninis!) Especially before Christmas when you're busy shopping, decorating or wrapping presents, this is a quick one to have in your cooking arsenal!

Another recipe that has been one of our main-stays for years is our recipe for Roasted Potatoes with Onions and Rosemary. These are the traditional roasted potatoes that have been roasted with very thinly sliced white onions and we also like to use a little fresh Rosemary with them.
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Roasted Potatoes with Onions and Rosemary.
These are the perfect accompaniment to meats and seafood. This Holiday season, we're planning on serving them with our Roasted Pork Loin with Fruit recipe.

The other two recipes are related to each other and would be perfect for a Christmas Day or New Years Day brunch: Panettone French Toast that's topped with with our recipe for an Orange Sauce that's made with fresh orange juice, Grand Marnier liqueur, and a little sugar then reduced down. To really make it over-the-top, add a dollop of our Chantilly Cream and listen for the "ohs!"

However you celebrate the Holidays, add a little fun and festivity to your menu with these delicious and easy additions.

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