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Thin Spaghetti with Prosciutto, Garlic and Parsley or The Day-After Too Much Feasting Recipe!

Cold January- A good time to get back to healthy recipes.

We had fun over the Holidays- over-indulging just a tad bit too much for our waistlines and health. Now it's time to get back to basics with some easy and delicious meals that are low-cost too.

"Goo-Goo- Ga-Jube" as one of the Beatles' songs go. That's also my mantra when I'm too stuffed -and feel it- and am verging on being sick of food. I don't know about you, but I don't like feeling stuffed all the time. Time to hit the menu reset button!

Now is the perfect time of year to get back to basics in lifestyle as well as eating. It's pre-Lent but it's smart to "eat as if it's Lent" to get our digestive systems back in shape.

This month I've got a few new recipes (as well as some old ones from our recipe repertoire) that will help us achieve our goals pretty quickly!

The first one is a new one and is so simple --but good and very easy! You need to start your pasta right away because it only takes a very few minutes for the sauce to cook. It's called Thin Spaghetti with Prosciutto, Garlic and Parsley but I've nicknamed it "The Day-After Too Much Feasting Recipe!" It's so simple to make and to digest, that by bedtime your stomach will start feeling more normal.

Couple that recipe with a little exercise, you'll start feeling leaner in a day or two!

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Broccolini with Italian Sausage and Gemelli Pasta. For those of you unfamiliar to broccolini, it's a bit milder than it's broccoli relative and has finer stems that are multi-flowered.
Another pretty low-calorie recipe that you should try-especially now that the broccoli family is in its prime. This recipe is Brocollini with Italian Sausage and Gemelli Pasta. For those of you unfamiliar with broccolini, it's a bit milder than it's broccoli relative and has finer stems that are multi-flowered. You only need a little Italian sausage to make this dish flavorful.

A waist-slimming recipe from our files that I plan to make for us this week is my good old Foresta Sauce with Strozzapreti. This sauce made with rosemary, is a delightful sauce with wild mushrooms that's sure to satisfy.

When you're starting to feel more like yourself and want a little something "more"than just pasta--but still lower-calorie, my version of Chicken Cacciatora | Chicken Hunter Style is VERY satisfying -especially now in such cold damp weather!

Another treat---Walnut Puff Cookies for when you've been "good", is a low-cal cookie recipe that we came up with. Made of finely chopped walnuts, four egg whites, a little sugar and vanilla extract, it's a crunchy mouth treat for all your moderation you've been doing!

After dinner what I like to do --providing that I've "been good," is to have for dessert a navel orange (also in-season and in its prime) or a pear or apple followed with part of one of my walnut cookies. That way, most of my dessert has been good for me. ---Rationalization! Isn't it wonderful!

Looking over our Recipe Index, most of our recipes are healthy and a good source for ideas for what to make for dinner. That's what's so wonderful about the Mediterranean Diet! See About the Romantic Table’s Recipes Though the meals are delicious, they're so very healthy for you too-- especially if you can couple the diet with regular activity --even if it's only walking! So get started right away and Enjoy!

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