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Celebrate the Little Things

The last few weeks have been a nightmare for me! My fantastic German Shepherd Dog and best buddy has been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer! I'm at my wits end with grief, but today I am celebrating! Let me tell you why.

Brock, my four year old German Shepherd, and my husband and I are for the first time in weeks hopeful and thankful that our dog will- with treatment from the veterinarian, possibly live another eighteen months or more.

Brock's lymph nodes are back to normal size now thanks to his first chemo treatment and meds. We also had a special test run. The "special" test results reveal that he does NOT have the aggressive form of lymphoma, but the more treatable strain! I guess all gray clouds have silver-linings, but I was really worried that because he developed this at such an early age, that (with my luck) he'd have even a shorter life prognosis.

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Happiness is a wet dog kiss!
Never in my entire life did I ever think I'd be happy that my dog's illness could be grounds for a celebration! But compared to what the test could have been, I am so very thankful!

We should always celebrate the "little things!" --Life's so short for all of us!

Now you say just what does this have to do with The Romantic Table and our food and wine website? Well today when I went to the store, and the prices were even higher than last week, I was thankful that we're at least living out here in California where we have such an abundance of fresh produce that arrives at our stores in pretty much "just-picked" condition with little wastage. And the great thing about produce, is recipes that make use of a lot of fruit and vegetables and make the produce an integral "star" are much less expensive to make than those based mainly around meat. --And healthier!

Our recipes pretty much use all local produce, seafood and meat so that means that when we eat our recipes, they're still packed with their vitamins and minerals to keep us properly nourished and healthy.

Because we're constantly developing new ways to cook and eat all of our "food abundance", we have a great repertoire of recipes that fit any occasion -- such as when we came home about dinner- time and were upset (because of my dog's diagnosis) needed to eat "something" but had ample recipes that were easily digestible and quick to make that made us feel a little better. A few years ago, I might have been stymied.

I guess what this blog boils down to, you had better be grateful for every little bit normalcy. You just never know when life is going to throw you a real curve-ball. So live each day with care.

We should always celebrate the "little things!" --Life's so short for all of us!

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Make your salt and pepper your "right -hand" aid

An easy tool to have handy at all times in your kitchen is your customized combined salt and pepper shaker. Buy a clear plastic shaker with a handle on it. Make yourself a "customized salt and pepper combo or "house blend." Ours is three parts ground pepper to one part salt. Having one of these handy really cuts the prep time down when doing breading and preliminary cooking!