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Grilled Salmon with Orange, Fresh Fennel and White onion Slaw and Asparagus is the perfect dinner for a warm summer evening!

June"s Recipes-Though June is Taking its Time Getting Here!

It's June! But judging from the weather so far this late Spring-one would wonder! Going into its second week of June, there's still plenty of rain and cool weather in the forecasts. Doesn't the "weatherman" know there's lots of us out there that want some summer weather! Our recipes this month will take the weather in stride because you can make these recipes right in your kitchen.

Our pasta selection this month, takes advantage of all the local and inexpensive artichokes in the markets this time of year. Artichokes are not the most malleable vegetable ever invented --they're a lot of work for the flavor returns.
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I came up with this way that uses the artichoke best part --the artichoke heart with Penne
But I came up with this way that uses their best part --the artichoke heart. With a little sauteed white onion, garlic, Italian parsley and Parmesan tossed with penne pasta this goes a long way to be an interesting, and yummy-way to feature the best parts of this vegetable.

We love salmon! We normally like to have it at least once a week or so. Salmon is a great fish to grill due to its natural oil content. But this Spring, we've been flummoxed by the cool rainy weather every time we tried to grill. They say necessity is the "mother of invention", well we've come up with a WONDERFUL way to cook salmon indoors on the stove. --In fact, now this is my favorite (flavor-wise) way to cook this fish!

The trick is coating each piece of salmon with just the right amount of all-purpose flour, salt and pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Then ideally, cooking it on a large skillet with "grids" and it makes the fish so crispy and crunchy it's to die for! Then I dribble some of my homemade orange-fennel vinaigrette over it. It's the perfect accompaniment for my next recipe which is an Orange, Fresh Fennel and Onion Slaw. That, along with some steamed asparagus, is the perfect dinner for a warm summer evening!

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Orange, Fresh Fennel and White Onion Salad is made with a shredded fresh fennel bulb, crushed dried fennel, fresh oranges and sweet white onion.
My Orange-Fennel Vinaigrette is made with orange juice, orange zest, crushed fennel seed, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. This is such a refreshing dressing! This lends itself quite well to all types of seafood, poultry and salads. This is a real stand-out especially during the hot summer months!

My Orange, Fresh Fennel and White Onion Salad is made with a shredded fresh fennel bulb, crushed dried fennel, a few fresh oranges, a few tablespoons of the Orange-Fennel Vinaigrette and salt and pepper.

So don't despair! Even though the next couple of weeks are still struggling to get out of "winter mode" summer WILL arrive. But in the meantime, you can sample some of these recipes' flavors inside while you plan this summer's patio get-togethers.

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