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Beckmen Vineyards 2010 Purisima Mountain Vineyard Grenache Rosé

California Central Coast Wine Value Pick | Beckmen Vineyards 2010 Purisima Mountain Vineyard Grenache Rosé

Beckmen Vineyards 2010 Purisima Mountain Vineyard Grenache Rosé is a dry Rosé style wine which pairs well with Mediterranean style cuisine and robust Pacific Coast style seafood dishes.

Beckmen Vineyards 2010 Purisima Mountain Vineyard Grenache Rosé

As we noted in the past most Americans are STILL confused by Rosé wines. Too bad, they are some of the most approachable and drinkable wines, and pair especially well with the kind of Mediterranean style and robust seafood dishes such as Fish Tacos Romantic Table Style that we love here on the Central Coast. Probably a result of our experiences with "beginner Rosé wines" like "White Zinfandel" or Portuguese "frizzanté rosés" like Mateus we expect Rosé wine to be sweet and sticky kool-aid concoctions. But Rosé is a not a grape type, it is a style of wine making. And, it is entirely in the hands of the winemaker how to style the wine.

While Rhone style wines are in ascendancy on the Central Coast, Rosé wines are still a hard sell and hard to find. We were pleased to find that Beckmen Vineyards is producing a good Grenache Rosé.

From the beckmenvineyards.comwebsite:

Fresh aromas of cherry, guava and pomegranate are backed by spicy floral notes of rose petals. Bright flavors of cherry, guava and watermelon give way to a fleshy core of spice and mineral that finishes long with well balanced acidity.


Grenache is a red varietal grape. It has good spicy berry and citrus aromas, but characteristically Grenache can be low in tannin, and lacking robust red color. As a result, it usually is blended with other wines like Syrah to soften them a bit and some floral overtones to the nose. On the Central Coast conditions are such that with careful clone selection and viticulture practice we can grow very high quality grapes to make robust Grenache wines.

Grenache is a very vigorous grower. When harvested at a lower brix and higher acidity, Grenache is very suited for a Rosé style wine -as is typically done in France and Spain. In fact, some vineyards when balancing the fruit load to enhance grenache development for a robust wine, rather than just dropping the fruit will take the thinned higher acidity and lower brix fruit and make a light Rosé wine out of it they can drink immediately (while waiting for the more robust sibling to barrel age!).

Our Observations:

The appearance of the wine was an attractive blush color, the color of fresh raspberries. The color was transparent, clean, and the wine sparkled in our glasses as we swirled the wine. The wine coated the glass smoothly and evenly indicating a nice lightness in the wine structure.

The classic fruity strawberry and ripe berry aroma was pronounced, but there was also a little hint of tangerine.

The taste of the wine was simple and straight forward, mostly dry a nice sparkling acidity. The alcohol at 13.9% although a bit high, was subdued and balanced with the rest of the flavors. The overall impression was of a light but satisfying mouthful.

The finish was light and dry with no astringency, and lingered long enough to get a full sense of the wine with a pleasant finish.

Paring Notes

This wine has a substantial structure and will pair well with seasoned shellfish and seafood dishes and white meats. The dryness and acidity level will pair well with robust seafood dishes like Fish Tacos Romantic Table Style and mild pepper dishes like Stuffed Anaheim Chile Peppers, Santa Cruz Style.

Serve well chilled. Drink now.

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