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It's Fall And It's Back In the Saddle Again!

It's finally Fall and as this season unfolds, we're all getting back to business - normalcy- and our routines, get us focused on what's important.

The last several weeks for me have been a blur!--And they were NOT fun!!! Besides having the bad economy take an even worse nose-dive down, since my last blog, my 5 year old German Shepherd dog and constant companion lost his hard-fought battle with Lymphoma. But through it all, I gained some friendships with some new canine veterinarians and was reinforced by some old friends that not only helped me through this difficult time, but helped transition to life without Brock.

I grew up with dogs so much so that at times I feel closer to canines than I do humanity! If you grow up with dogs-as I did, as family-members, life doesn't seem REAL unless you have at least one by your side! Without a dog, there was no need to take a nice walk before making dinner-no reason to smile and have glib conversation with your walking pal, no one to keep a super-secret confidential with.
Life is just better with a dog! Even upsetting news is easier to take with a canine by your side to comfort you!

So after several days of "rudderless" existence by me, my husband forced me to do something about it! Find another four-legged companion that could become my future buddy and confidant.

I just may have found such a lovable fellow in a new (GSD -German Shepherd Dog) pup that I just brought home from the Bay Area. He's Czechoslovakian by way of Redwood City. His grandfather was Brock's father! He's as cute and fun as can be and I'm training him to be my new side-kick. He's going to be a big one though! If I could, I'd love to "stunt his growth" so that he could remain this puppy-sized! He's just perfect to maintain as is! It's impossible to be sad around him! He really DOES brighten each new day! Dogs ARE really one of God's best creations!

Now with a little bounce to my step, I am once again able to get back on track and do my daily rituals with renewed purpose. The change of seasons is a lot like that too.

Just speaking as a casual observer, it seemed like this past summer everyone was in "la-la Land!" The almost constant refrain from people was "where ya going for your vacation?" --WHAT vacation!!! I'd think! Hadn't "they" heard! The economy was ---and still is "in the toilet" and I was doing chemo-therapy for my dog! We neither had time--or the money for a frivolous vacation! --But even people that weren't doing chemo and had money to spend were basically on a L-O-N-G recess from thinking! "The Congress will reconvene after Labor Day when they all come back from their vacation" barked the talking heads on the news. The underlying concept was if it's Summer, don't expect any REAL work! --Or REAL thinking! What a quandary!

Well now that it's Fall again --glorious Fall, we can ALL get back to work!---And REAL life! No more "frivolous food" --snacks served as "main courses!" Now that the days are shorter and the nights cooler-and longer, we can again start having "REAL food." --You know the kind --those foods with strong aromas and flavors--not just quick barbecued-grilled items but REAL food.--The kind that's baked in the oven, simmered on the stove and spread out on the dining-room table. The kind of foods that cause a little excitement-or butterflies in the stomach at just the mention of the food-type! Mama-cooking at its best! Now we can get back to basics at their best! So let's all roll-up our sleeves, put our aprons on and get cooking! We have a pent-up urge to really let the flours and flavors fly! Let's go to it!

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Sauteing whole garlic

If your recipe calls for whole garlic, it doesn't burn as easily when in larger pieces. But you do need to score your garlic cloves all over in order to release the garlic juices and fragrance .Always be careful to avoid burning the cloves. It'll make the garlic cloves bitter and ruin what you're cooking.