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After a Long Illness, I'm Finally Back!

Hello friends and fellow-cooking enthusiasts! I'm finally on the mend after waging battle with a vicious inflammatory disease, that a year and a half ago I didn't even know existed!

After being so ill, and during that time understanding --and "grokking" this new-to-me illness, I have decided to revamp--and improve this website with even MORE information on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet --the ORIGINAL "anti-inflammation diet" plus add tips on how you too can minimize what inflammation each of us are exposed to.

What a horrible odyssey I've been living through these last several months! The learning curve alone was--and still is -- an almost constant process.

The disease that I have is a very rare form of the family of autoimmune diseases, called Vasculitis.--Specifically, my disease is Churg-Strauss Vasculitis. My doctors have concluded that most likely, I've had this disease for at least, a few decades --though up until recently it was undiagnosed---and very few doctors had even heard about it! --Let alone knew how to treat it! --And because of that---and the fact that it was undiagnosed and untreated in any way, caused other health problems for me as a consequence!

The one thing that I had going for me was my diet and exercise. First of all, I chose for the last thirty years to live in a rural part of Paso Robles, which automatically reduces the amount of inflammation that I'm exposed to versus our city dweller friends that live in much more populated areas.

Secondly, living out in the country like my husband and I do, we of course are on well water.--And fortunately for us, ours is good tasting well water--as well as naturally soft. And both of us drink amply of it.

Thirdly, living in the country as we do, there's plenty of acreage available for "Nature's Basic Healthy-way to exercise: Walking!" And I do this everyday--rain or shine! Feeling great--and even when I'm not--I force myself to walk! ---Because I suffer the next day if I don't. However, I DO use common sense when I'm really very ill and only do a short lap or so. --Or at least try to make an effort.--This helps me psychologically if nothing else! -- Say what you will, but I AM determined!!

But the MAIN thing going for me, was adhering to the Mediterranean Diet! --The ORIGINAL "Anti-Inflammation Diet." --Imagine what condition I'd be in IF I hadn't already been practicing this diet! The mere fact that I'm still alive--and relatively healthy--even WITH all the "disease curve-balls" that have been thrown at me, is a testament to this Diet's positive attributes!

So after much thought, while I was too sick and worn out by the "medical process," but still alert mentally, I decided to refocus and revamp The Romantic Table, to help inform our readers and cooks of how to minimize the effects of inflammation on our bodies while continuing our emphasis on healthy Central Coast recipes of cuisine and accompanying wine selections.

A lot of my doctors are amazed by the fact, that while I've been on high doses of prednisone for well over a year, I have,--so far-- suffered little side-effects and complications, unlike most of their other patients DO! The doctors mention to me how they're amazed by my continued "healthy-look" and stamina--considering the seriousness of my disease. One doctor told me when I lamented what a difficult struggle it was for me to get properly diagnosed, that part of my problem was that I "don't look sick!"

I am convinced that it is my diet and exercise-- that despite all odds, I have kept myself on track, consistently eating my favorite recipes on our website --and thinking-up and creating new ones--and adhering to my regular exercise routine.

These are the things that have sustained me! These simple basics: Simple Lifestyle, Simple diet, Generous quality drinking water, and a Daily exercise routine are what REALLY nurtured me --and continues to do so!

My lab tests are almost unbelievable--aside from my autoimmune numbers! I have better cholesterol than what a newborn baby has! All my other vital functions are pretty stellar as well. Again--consistently eating a healthy diet and maintaining my daily exercise have proven out the fact that HEALTHY SIMPLE EATING AND LIVING BASICS RULE!

BUT What if you're FORCED TO LIVE in a more URBAN area? Look forward to my next Blog on how to reduce and compensate for your "inflammatory-living lifestyle." In the meantime--Keep it Mediterranean!

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