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Shrimp and Red Quinoa Salad. Quinoa goes so well with Shrimp as well as the lighter meats, and is a healthy addition to your cooking arsenal.

Summer to Fall Transition Meals

I love this time of year! Just like Goldilocks in her search for just the right bowl of porridge, this time of year is my personal favorite; not too hot; not too cold; but just right! And often coming up with just the right type of meal for these warm days with cool breezes that hint of much cooler days to come is a challenge. I have got some more thoughts on this subject as well some ideas for you to try.

Our appetites start "needing" a bit more substantial recipes -but not too much, to really satisfy us and "hit the spot!" If we decide to eat too heavy of a meal with heavy meats and much higher calorie sides than we've been eating all summer, often our tummies have a "sit-down strike" and we can pay the price when we lay down to go to sleep.

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Shrimp Tacos-TRT House Style. This is my favorite way to eat tacos! It incorporates all the freshness of quickly sauteed shrimp,a vegetable trito, and simple garnishes.
I've got a few new recipes that, at least in our household DO "hit the the transition spot" without being too heavy or require too much cooking heat in the kitchen for this very fickle-temperature time of year.

I know when Fall starts poking its "head" into my cravings, I tend to want a little more protein and carbohydrates. My choices for protein for this very warm to moderate temperature early evening meals are either seafood or a "light meat" such as chicken or pork.

One of my favorite carbohydrates to incorporate into our early Fall meals is Quinoa. It goes so well with seafood as well as the lighter meats-and is a healthy addition to your cooking arsenal for planning your menus.

My first recommendation for this time of year is Shrimp and Red Quinoa Salad Of Mixed Greens with a Lemon Vinaigrette. This is SO good and is perfect for a late summer-early Fall luncheon or dinner, and goes especially well with a chilled Rhone white wine.

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Mexican Rice is very easy to prepare and goes very well with practically any Southwest style meal.
Also for this time of year --or ANY other non-super-hot day is our new rendition of Shrimp Tacos-TRT House Style. This is my favorite way to eat tacos! I'm a sucker anyway for fresh-good-tasting shrimp, and this incorporates all the freshness of quickly sauteed shrimp, a vegetable trito, zesty limes and simple garnishes. We like to serve these with our recipe for an authentic version of the true Mexican Rice accompanied by a nice freshly-made house salad.

My last inspiration, Roasted Vegetables with Sage Honey Dressing and Walnuts is one that requires about an hour of oven-baking, but it's a snap to prepare, and we like to to serve it with a Rotisserie chicken --and feel free to "cheat" and just buy one at your favorite grocery--like we occasionally do.

©2013 The Romantic Table, Roasted Vegetables with Sage Honey Dressing and Walnuts 2013-09-16 10:13:07:356
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Roasted Vegetables with Sage Honey Dressing and Walnuts is a snap to prepare, and pairs well with a Rotisserie chicken.
We have vegan friends and relatives, so the inspiration for this recipe was a side dish that could satisfy our vegan guests --but with a big roasted vegetables taste especially satisfying for our "manly-type foods" craving guests too. This recipe gives the diner a flavorful taste of more substantive treats ahead on the calendar--as well as being a perfect addition to a Holiday potluck.

I hope by now, my musings on Fall transition ideas have sparked your own kitchen repertoire, and now you're possibly even more enthusiastic about getting back to a little more traditional in-house cooking of your own offerings!

Have fun with this wonderful time of year!

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