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Fruitcake - A Christmas Baking Tradition

Well this year I FINALLY bit the bullet and made my mom's prized recipe for Christmas--her fabulous giant Fruitcake! Christmas Fruitcake Supreme My mom died when I was quite young. I had her written recipe notes, but I had never watched how she made it. So I was never really taught this recipe like some of her others - but I SURE DO remember it! But little did I know how many hours in the kitchen it would take to prep and make her much heralded Christmas dessert!

I was the last to taste my mom's treasured fruitcake about a year or two after she died.It was loaded with brandy and had been kept in a tight tin in the fridge ever since she made it. But everyone seemed to be leaving the last little bit as kind of a symbol that my mom's presence was still with us. But I had never really tasted it--while she was alive --and I was still very young -didn't appreciate or understand "that liquor smell."

But a year or two later when I was a little more inquisitive--and hungry for "something", started rummaging in our refrigerator where in the back shelf sat a tightly-sealed red tin.

As I worked the tin open, I realized that this was my mom's much talked-about cake. Right before me sat this densely-nut and dried-fruit little piece of cake.---It smelled so fabulously exotic! Why I had NEVER even tasted a cake that smelled so enticing--and nut-filled and super special!

So after much hesitation- I was playing a "good-kid versus bad-kid" scenario in my head. And I weighed the the thought that I might get "into trouble"---but heck! this WAS MY mom's cake--and I had never tasted it!

So I finally got up the courage to take a bite. Oh my God! And knowing that I was the last to get the last bite really savored every last little bit of crumbs. It TRULY WAS special! --As well as unbelievably good!

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This fruitcake is loaded with all types of nutmeats, and dried fruit-a pound each: dates, figs, almonds, walnuts, pecans, black raisins, golden raisins, cherries--both red and green, pineapple, orange and lemon
It was not loaded with all the sugary super-sweet stuff like molasses etc. -And quite unlike any commercial fruitcake on the market today. But rather loaded with all types of nutmeats, and dried fruit-a pound each: dates, figs, almonds, walnuts, pecans, black raisins, golden raisins, cherries--both red and green, pineapple, oranges , lemons, and six extra-large eggs whites.

So this year, after years of procrastinations, finally did it! I made the sucker! And Lord knows this recipe is NOT at all "consumer-friendly" like I try to achieve when I create our recipes for The Romantic Table.

And I won't know for sure how it tastes until I cut it for dessert on Christmas Day. As you can see, it could feed an army!--Almost 10 pounds!!! And because the cake is so dense and so loaded with nuts and fruit it would not fit on any cake platter I owned, so I had to put it directly on the bottom of a tightly-sealed cake-carrier, then covered and placed in it one of our refrigerators.

The fruitcake took over four hours to make because everything needed to be hand-cut! I started it at 1 p.m. and took it out of the oven about 6:30 p.m. --And then you should have seen all the ingredient-bowls and cooking appliances I had to wash!

This IS one cake I wouldn't WANT to make more than once a year! Not everything in life can be "consumer-friendly!" But if it's as delicious and as memorable as I remember it to be, it will be a new yearly tradition in our house for Christmas from now on!

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