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Carrots Marsala

This is my favorite way of serving fresh carrots. The natural sweet flavor of the carrots is intensified wonderfully with the tangy sweetness of the Marsala wine.

It’s really easy and finicky kids friendly - they’ll love them! Your guests will rave about them.---They’ve been known to “steal the show!” ©2018, Carrots Marsala
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
re-calculate ingredients for:


1-1/2 pound small carrots , peeled and cut into sticks
Water to cover bottom of skillet 1/4th inch
1 cup Sweet Marsala wine (There are two types of -Marsala dry and sweet)
4 Tablespoons butter
Salt and freshly cracked pepper to taste

Preparation Directions.

1 Rinse well and peel carrots. Cut into thin sticks about 1/4 inch- 3/8 inch thick. * Optional - You can cut your carrots into sticks a few hours in advance as long as you seal them well in a zip-lock bag to keep them moist and refrigerate them.

2 Place the carrots in a skillet large enough to hold the carrots in a layer less than one-half inch thick. Add enough water to cover the bottom of pan one-quarter inch or half-way up.

3 Place the pan over medium high heat, cover and bring the water to a boil. Continue to steam for approximately four minutes over medium-high heat, stirring once or twice. When the carrot sticks are cooked but have a nice crunch when bitten, remove lid, turn up heat, boil away excess water. (If you have a lot of water remaining, drain the pan.) Do not over-cook the carrots.

4 Add Sweet Marsala to pan, and simmer over medium heat and reduce Marsala by one-half. (About two or three minutes.)

5 Add butter to pan, let it melt and gently mix with carrots.

6 Add salt and freshly cracked black pepper, toss well, remove from heat and serve.

Wine and Food Pairing and Serving Suggestions.

Serve this family style. This recipe especially works well with chicken and turkey.

A tip from Sue!

Use A Pasta Pot for Pasta

If you like pasta and are planning on having it often, I recommend getting a pasta pot.

After trying different sets, the best one I’ve found was the original, least expensive one. It’s a stainless steel pot with separate built-in pasta basket. It also comes with a vegetable steamer. Something like it is available on the Internet for about $40.00. and at several local supermarkets as low as $30.00.

You don’t need to have a real heavy pan---otherwise you’re going to waste all your time heating the pan instead of getting it to boil quickly. Don't worry about hot spots since all you’re going to be doing with it is boiling water.