California Central Coast Recipes

Country Cousin Clown Sundae

Here is our restaurant's (The Country Cousin) version of a clown sundae--perfect for the hot summer days ahead! Young or old, this sundae brings smiles to all and it's a snap to make. We made it a little differently from the typical clown sundae, incorporating a chocolate wafer at its base which was an additional taste treat.

Years ago in our restaurant we had a full-fountain service offering everything from sundaes, shakes, malts, (REAL sodas made the old-fashioned way), freezes and all sorts of desserts and ice cream combinations. All my friends were envious of me growing up in a restaurant-family with so many neat things to eat! Little did they know that I had OD'd on all our menu's best sellers! (Thank God! My clothes wouldn't have fit otherwise!)

Have fun with this! It's best to use a good-quality ice cream when making this-especially for a group. We've found that better-quality ice cream holds it form longer and doesn't melt as quickly, so you have enough time to get everything assembled and served. ©2018, Country Cousin Clown Sundae
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time:
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4 small plates or shallow bowls
4 Chocolate wafers
4 large scoops Ice cream
4 Ice cream Cones
8 Candy M&M's
4 Red maraschino cherries
Canned whipping cream topping
Bottle of tiny multi-colored candy sprinkles

Preparation Directions.

1 Place a chocolate wafer into each bowl or plate.

2 Place a generous scoop of ice cream onto the chocolate wafer.

3 Top each scoop of ice cream with an ice cream cone set at an angle to represent a clown's cap.

4 Press two same-colored "eyes" of M & M's candies onto each scoop.

5 Insert a red cherry as shown onto the ice cream scoop to represent the nose.

6 Shake the can of cold whipping cream to help pressurize its contents and carefully spray around the ice cream scoop and on top of the chocolate wafer, a "clown's collar." Then dot the "clown's cap" with whipped cream "tassels."

7 Finally sprinkle all the whipping cream collars and cap's tassels with the multi-colored sprinkles.

8 Serve and enjoy!

Wine and Food Pairing and Serving Suggestions.

Be sure to offer these delightful clown ice cream treats with napkins and enjoy!

A tip from Sue!

Stoves and Ovens

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