California Central Coast Recipes

Country Cousin Circus Sundae

Our Circus Sundae is a cold ice cream dessert that we served at my family's restaurant,The Country Cousin. It incorporates ice cream, strawberry topping (sliced freshly sliced strawberries, thawed frozen strawberries, or strawberry topping sauce), animal crackers, whipping cream, tiny candied sprinkles and topped with an open paper parasol. It's so cute! "Kids" aged four to eighty-four will chuckle when you serve it to them. And it's a snap to make! We'll show you how. ©2017, Country Cousin Circus Sundae
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time:
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4 shallow bowls
4 extra large scoops Vanilla or Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry topping (Freshly cut strawberries, thawed frozen sliced strawberries or strawberry topping sauce)
Canned pressurized Whipped cream
24 to 28 Animal crackers
Multi-colored tiny candied sprinkles
4 Paper Parasols

Preparation Directions.

1 Into each shallow bowl, place an extra-large scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

2 Cover each ice cream scoop with a portion of strawberry toppings.

3 Apply some whipped cream around the base of each scoop of ice cream.

4 Set 5 - 7 animal crackers around each ice cream scoop as shown.

5 Sprinkle the whipping cream lightly with the multi-colored candied sprinkles.

6 Open each paper Parasol like an umbrella and push up the stay to hold it open.

7 Set the parasol on the top of the ice cream scoop and serve.

Wine and Food Pairing and Serving Suggestions.

Serve these fun desserts with spoons and napkins and then set back and enjoy the fun!

A tip from Sue!

Mark perishable ingredients

When ever you bring home a brand new spice, oil, vinegar, flour, sugar or other perishable ingredient, mark the bottle/container with the day’s date with a felt tip pen. Most "permanent markers" will write on just about any container.

That way if you don’t use it very much, but it’s been opened, you know how fresh it is. For an important meal don’t “submarine yourself” by using past expiration ingredients that have long lost their fresh taste and flavor.