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Genovese Fish Chowder- Romantic Table Style

Genovese Fish Chowder- Romantic Table Style is our version of the classic Genovese Burrida. Made with fresh cod, red snapper and/or halibut as your fish base along with a classic trito of onion,carrots and celery, this chowder packs a delicious punch! It uses similar ingredients to the Manhattan Fish Chowder, but with saffron instead of classic Italian seasoning and of course no bacon (a classic Manhattan style anything ingredient), it is very different in taste. It is very easy to make and oh! so fresh-tasting! Because it uses fresh locally-caught fish, it's not only healthier but also easier on your budget. Though technically "meat-less" it makes a glorious meal especially when accompanied by a nice salad and a glass of wine. ©2017, Genovese Fish Chowder- Romantic Table Style
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 35 minutes
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2 pounds Fresh firm white flesh fish like cod snapper or halibut
3 to 4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive
1-1/2 Medium White Onions chopped
2 Medium Carrots peeled and chopped
2-1/2 Stalks celery chopped
3 to 4 Cloves Garlic chopped
4 Anchovy Fillets chopped
8 ounces Clam Juice (1 bottle)
1/4 teaspoons Saffron Threads
1 cup Dry White Wine
1 14oz. can Whole Tomatoes chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 cup Italian Parsley chopped

Preparation Directions.

1 Cut the fish fillets into nice bite size pieces.

2 In a large stock pot over medium heat, add the olive oil, onion, carrot and celery and saute until just soft and sweet. Add the garlic and continue to cook until just fragrant.

3 To the pot, add the anchovy, wine, clam juice, saffron and tomatoes. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer partially covered 15 minutes.

4 Add the fish to the pot, cover and continue to cook 10 minutes or until the fish is just cooked.

5 Stir in the fresh parsley, drizzle a bit of best quality Extra Virgin Olive oil on top and serve with thin crisp slices of toasted French bread

Wine and Food Pairing and Serving Suggestions.

Saffron spiced dished seem to have an affinity for Rhone style white wines. Serve with a good Rhone style Marsanne or Roussanne.

A tip from Sue!

If rushed, prepare your ingredients in advance.

If you know youíll be rushed at cooking time, pre-measure out as many of the ingredients as you can, and arrange them by the cooking order of the recipe.

If itís going to be more than several minutes before you actually start making the dinner, be sure to cover the perishable ingredients with plastic wrap or place in containers and put them back in the refrigerator to hold until you are ready.