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Pasta Presto From the Pantry

Pasta Presto From the Pantry is a recipe that I conjured up when I was looking at some of my bottled vegetables that have been staring me in the face for a couple weeks- bottled roasted red peppers and oil-cured black olives and baby corn pieces. I bought these on a whim at the grocery store. They looked good, the price was right, so I bought them with the intention of using them somehow. I knew the hot weather was going to be here in the next few weeks, so I started thinking how best I could combine these quickly with minimal cooking-time and still have a delicious entree. Aside from the short time of cooking the thin spaghetti pasta, nothing else is cooked! But you should use less garlic then you would in a normally cooked sauce, since the garlic -in its lightly-cooked form (from the heat of the pasta) is not as cooked and thus, has a more strong flavor. So be aware! ©2018, Pasta Presto From the Pantry
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
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1 to 2 Tablespoons Extra-virgin Olive Oil
1 medium clove Garlic , crushed
1 to 2 ounces Black Olives , pitted and quartered lengthwise
3 to 4 ounces Bottled Roasted Red Peppers , cut into half-inch pieces
1/4 cup Italian parsley
1/2 cup Bottled Baby Corn
Salt and Pepper
Shaved Pecorino Romano Cheese
6 ounces Thin Spaghetti

Preparation Directions.

1 Start by filling and placing on high heat, a large pasta pot or stockpot filled with hot water. Since this pasta sauce is basically uncooked, this recipe won't take long to assemble but the short time to cook the thin spaghetti.

2 While the pasta is cooking, in another large pot -large enough to toss the cooked pasta and its sauce well- add some olive oil to the pan and then crush a clove or two of garlic directly into the bottom of the pot with olive oil. Stir to coat the garlic with the oil.

3 Make sure all your other vegetables are cut as directed above and set aside.

4 When the pasta is al dente and to your liking, add the hot pasta directed onto the crushed garlic, toss the pasta well, picking up the pieces of the garlic to help absorb the heat from the pasta, this lightly cooks the garlic.

5 Now add in your other ingredients: the black olives then toss, the roasted red peppers then toss, the baby corn pieces then toss, the fresh Italian parsley, again tossing, then add your salt and pepper to personal preference, tossing once again.

6 Then place all the sauced-pasta into a serving bowl or on individual dinner plates and top with shaved Pecorino Romano Cheese and enjoy!

Wine and Food Pairing and Serving Suggestions.

If your pasta has a lot of peppers and olives pair with a robust red wine like an Aglianico.

A tip from Sue!

Mark perishable ingredients

When ever you bring home a brand new spice, oil, vinegar, flour, sugar or other perishable ingredient, mark the bottle/container with the day’s date with a felt tip pen. Most "permanent markers" will write on just about any container.

That way if you don’t use it very much, but it’s been opened, you know how fresh it is. For an important meal don’t “submarine yourself” by using past expiration ingredients that have long lost their fresh taste and flavor.